Who is Enzo Ferrari?

  • Race Car Driver - Enzo Ferrari started driving race cars in the 1920s, and by the 1930s, he was successfully racing Alfa Romeos under his own race team.
  • Entrepreneur - The roots of the Ferrari company can be traced back to Enzo's first company, Scuderia Ferrari. Once he parted ways with the Alfa Romeo company, he started assembling cars for Mille Miglia under the business name Auto Avio Costruzioni.
  • Visionary - With the end of World War II, motor racing made a comeback. Ferrari realized that he wanted to be part of this revival of fast cars. In 1947, the first Ferrari-badge car, 125 Sport, rolled over the assembly line. He was correct in everything he did concerning the brand. Over 70 years later, the company is still going strong.

What makes Ferrari stand out above the rest?

  • Design - Not only is the design eye-pleasing, but it is aerodynamic for best performance.
  • Horsepower - Built for speed, up to 597 hp on some models means acceleration is never an issue.
  • Stopping Power - Engineers designed the back brakes with as little distance as possible between the brake and the rotor to aid in more rapid braking when abrupt deceleration is required.
  • Driving Experience - Take a seat behind the wheel of a Ferrari, and you might just never want to get out. The steering is incredibly responsive and more sensitive than other supercars on the market.

Who drives a Ferrari?

  • Racers - When you count on your car to keep you safe, it's essential to go with one that is built and designed for the demands of motorsport. Many have often said that Ferrari builds the best racing cars in the world.
  • Businesspeople - For years Ferrari has been a prestigious name in the car world. Once you've worked your way up the company ladder, you deserve to show off all your hard work by parking a Ferrari in the company’s parking garage. Of course, it's more than a status symbol; it's a high performing, stunningly beautiful way to get to around town.
  • Car Enthusiast - You don't have to be a professional race car driver, business owner, or even wealthy to own a Ferrari. Most car enthusiasts realize the importance of having a vehicle that suits the varied demands of the roads with all the extra "bells and whistles" that makes it comfortable.