Salvatore Ferragamo was born in Bonito, Italy, and rose to fame as a fashion designer. Ferragamo's fascination with design began as a young boy where he created shoes for himself and his sisters. The signature Gancini logo is characteristic of the leather goods of the Salvatore Ferragamo collection.

Does the Salvatore Ferragamo brand include shoes for men?

Salvatore Ferragamo offers a full selection of styles and sizes in men's shoes. The loafer is one style. Although each is designed with the Gancini logo, they maintain a separate personality. For instance, the brown Salvatore Ferragamo Lenci is a brown leather moccasin-style loafer with tassels. Salvatore Ferragamo offers another loafer style that features black leather with a double Gancini across the top. The lace-up Oxford style is also a choice.

What types of belts are created by Salvatore Ferragamo?

Each Salvatore Ferragamo belt features the trademark double Gancini buckle in a silver or gold tone. The Italian leather belt created for men is often reversible, so you may choose between a brown or a black color. The Italian leather Salvatore Ferragamo belt is designed in reversible styles for women as well. Some color choices a woman may choose from the collection could be a red and black reversible belt with a double Gancini buckle in gold tone. Another woman's style choice might be a royal blue and black reversible belt with a silver buckle.

Not all of the belt buckles featured in the Salvatore Ferragamo belt group are the Gancini style. Some of the buckles offer a push-pin style with the signature across the center. Others are created with the Parigi buckle. There are also reversible belts that feature a reversible buckle as well.

What styles of women's footwear does Salvatore Ferragamo create?

Whether women are looking for a casual flat or a gladiator stiletto, the collection includes heels and flats embellished with features that infuse the old with the new. The Gancini buckle is frequently presented as a Ferragamo signature. One example for women is the black-tasseled Armonia loafer in size 7 AA.

Does the Salvatore Ferragamo brand offer accessories?

Salvatore Ferragamo offers a full complement of accessories for men and women. One distinctive category is the wallet. If you're a man, you may prefer a bifold to a trifold, but each style is designed with fine-grain leather that infuses both style and function. Women also have options for Salvatore Ferragamo's accessories. Whether the preference is a wallet that includes a checkbook or the day requires traveling light with just the essentials, the Salvatore Ferragamo brand provides clutches and medium-size purses.

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