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Fenders for Mitsubishi Lancer

When installed on vehicles, fenders are designed to prevent rocks, liquids, sand, and mud from being kicked into the air by moving tires. Mitsubishi Lancer fenders are designed for automobiles that have a sporty or traditional trim. Each Lancer product is built with solid materials that can handle the conditions in traditional and wilderness environments.

Why are Mitsubishi Lancer fenders beneficial?

The design options for Mitsubishi Lancer fenders are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The grooves on the housing remove rain so that cosmetic problems don't develop on the material.
  • The strategic shape reduces wind resistance, which can impact fuel efficiency.
  • The paint on the housing boosts curb appeal.
What's included in a typical fender bundle for a Mitsubishi?

A general fender bundle includes two fenders that mount along the frame of the vehicle. Many bundles may feature two front side fenders. One component is designed for the right portion of a vehicle, and the other piece is for the left portion. Most bundles for a Mitsubishi Lancer will not include mounting accessories, since none are needed. The hardware can be mounted into place by snapping the housing onto the car.

What Mitsubishi fender material options are available?

Many fender products for sporty trims are made with a polyurethane material. This material is easy to mount because the plastic substance is flexible. The material is also lightweight, meaning it will not add any unnecessary weight to your vehicle. Major fender manufacturers like Mitsubishi use commercial-grade polyurethane to make fender flares. The front fender is usually 750 by 325 millimeters, and the rear accessory is typically 830 by 365 millimeters. Most traditional fenders for a Lancer are constructed out of carbon fiber, a material that's rugged and strong.

Can Mitsubishi replacement fenders handle harsh environmental elements?

If you equip carbon fiber fenders on a Lancer, you can drive the vehicle in off-road environments confidently, because these products are designed with a practical splash shield. A splash shield can protect vital components that impact handling and speed on dusty paths and muddy trails. After mud or dirt coats a fender with a splash shield, you can easily remove the debris with soapy water.

Are accessories for Mitsubishi fenders available?

Panel moldings are practical accessory options for a Mitsubishi Lancer, especially if the vehicle owner intends to travel through a variety of different environments. These products handle high heat, debris, and other elements that can impact a Lancer in urban and rural environments. A general panel molding bundle includes two pieces, and manufacturers use panel materials that are durable and strategically measured. If you need protective accessories for a fender, many covers and wheel well options are also available.

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