Fender Princeton Reverb Guitar Amplifiers

Staying True to a Classic Feel With the Fender Princeton Reverb

Amplifiers use a central magnet to push an audio signal out for a final thrust of volume. Portable Fender Princeton Reverb units available in new and used condition achieve this with a proven tube amp that’s been in use since the 1960s. The reliability of these amplifiers give you a sure output speaker, for which guitars and basses already have connections.

Is this amp only for stage performances?

This is a powerful amp that can serve your needs very adequately on stage. The settings of an affordable Fender Princeton Reverb helps guitarists to find their sound. These units, available on eBay, are ideal for bringing into the studio or for use as a practice unit with which to test the depth of your own music. No matter where you go, you can replace your settings and tones to get your sound back.

Settings to adjust right out of the box

There’s such a wide spectrum that you need time to find your tones and frequencies. Start with these knobs to cover the basics of tone and depth:

  • Treble: The higher frequencies of your sound are not only captured here but are then controlled with this setting.
  • Bass: Adjusting your sound to low tones is possible by playing with bass settings to cancel the frequency out or to turn it up.
  • Middle: Middle keeps everything balanced, and you still have the choice of taking away what makes the bulk of your audio signal.
  • Reverb: Reverb made this amp, and its echo-like effect can be used as soft touches or a powerful “warp” near the point of distortion.
  • Volume: Each setting you put in place is controlled with volume as the master control.
Special features of Fender Princeton Reverb

This amp has provided musicians with such fundamentals that not much about it has changed. Take a quick glance at some features that make it so functional:

  • Portability: Plug in, or plug out. You only need the power cable built into the unit, and any near outlets get you powered up.
  • 12 watts: You decide on the power you need, and 12 watts is where you start.
  • 15 watts: The dynamic change between watts is not just a matter of loudness. The effects you want to add to your music may lower the power, and a few more watts can help.
  • 22 watts: The impressive 22-watt option is for really making an impact during live performances.
  • Preamp tube: People immediately notice the classic, tube tone as this amp is built with Fender’s preamp tube inside.
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