Federal Signal

Federal Signal is a brand of emergency lighting and sirens used by law enforcement and first-responding personnel as safety solutions on their vehicles to get other drivers to make way for their drivers or to alert others they are working a scene. The emergency lighting and sirens made by Federal Signal can also be used for safety to highlight venue parking, for private party parking, for film or play props, or as part of an antique collection. Federal Signal emergency lighting and sirens are available in different styles from round rotating, to the highlight bar, to a surface mount.

What are the features of Federal Signal products?

The features in the Federal Signal product depend on the exact model of emergency lighting and sirens a customer buys. Modern devices are, generally, small and round and are used in windows of emergency vehicles. They come with a siren and speaker function, but you would need to buy public address/siren equipment for that to function. There are also:

  • Side warning lights
  • Mounted light bars
  • Undercover sets
  • Arrow sticks
What other products does Federal Signal provide?

Among the other products Federal Signal provides, other than for fire/EMS/police, are:

  • Work truck light bars, area lighting, warning lights, back-up alarms, beacons, and camera systems.
  • PA/GA amplifiers, intercoms, and speakers.
  • Warning and mass notification systems, such as mechanical siren systems, intelligent systems, electronic giant voice siren systems, and indoor warning devices.
  • Signaling devices such as visual signals, initiating devices, fire alarm devices, audible signals, and outdoor warning devices.
Can all lights and sirens be used for service?

No. Some emergency lighting and sirens are identified and listed as vintage lights and cannot be used in service to represent law enforcement or emergency personnel. However, they could also be used privately as solutions to help identify a locale, to highlight a venue or property, as a party prop, or for other residential use.

Can you also obtain a siren and speaker system?

Some Federal Signal light systems come with the siren and speaker system, along with mirrors, as a complete set. Different models of speaker and siren systems are available for those that don't come with a speaker system. You must make sure the speaker system you are considering will match the lights, as different speaker models from different years may be incompatible with it.

Are all devices listed as vintage antiques?

No, some new products are produced in vintage style to be used on vehicles like tow trucks, insurance adjusters, and other similar vehicles. Some described as vintage aren't antiques but are models discontinued from emergency personnel use. Most items for sale, especially antiques, have an era or date of when they were constructed or in use.

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