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How to Find a Great Father's Day Gift

By definition, a dad is a parent. But a father is so much more. A father chases the monsters out of your closet when you're little, and teaches you how to drive no matter how scary it is. He knows where every cord and cable on the Blu-ray player goes, and he can effortlessly fix anything broken. Not only is Dad handy, but he's also caring, loving, compassionate, and hilarious. There's no way in the world you could possibly pay him back for everything he's done for you over the years with a simple greeting card, but you can give him a special gift that shows you care, and spend the day celebrating him with so much more than a Father's Day card.

What Do You Get a Dad Who Loves Tech?

For a father that obsesses over electronics and can't stop playing games on his tablet or phone, there are few things more exciting than new techie toys to play with. Is Dad always trying to take over when your little brother is gaming? Get him his own video game console (and don't forget headphones). Immersing himself in a world of video games is a great way for Dad to burn off the stress of a long workday.

Dads aren't great about updating their tech when it's time, so do it for him with a new smartphone, or nab him a smartwatch he'd never splurge on for himself; he'll love having access to his messages and emails right on his wrist! Creating a smart home environment is a lot of fun for tech fans, and makes life so much easier. You can start Dad out by getting him a smart speaker. He can even hook it up to existing tech, like a Smart thermostat or Smart TV.

How About An Outdoorsy Dad?

For dads who love the great outdoors, a new BBQ grill could be the answer to his wildest dreams. Crown him the Grillmaster with a grill or smoker, along with a plethora of accessories such as tongs, thermometers, and sauce brushes. Or, make your annual camping trip even more exciting with a new tent or some hiking equipment. There's no better way to bond and celebrate Dad's special day than in nature! Is heading out to the green one of Dad's favorite ways to blow off some steam? Then load up his caddy with new golf irons, balls, and tees, or even a brand new set that includes everything he needs for a gift that's definitely a hole-in-one.

Does Dad Need Help Accessorizing?

Even though it seems like Dad lives in his work clothes, or maybe his favorite pair of weekend jeans, sometimes even fathers need to clean up and hit the town. Give Dad some help by gifting him with a chic pair of designer sunglasses, maybe some classic aviators from a brand like Ray-Ban (think Tom Cruise in "Top Gun"), or a bottle of sophisticated Ralph Lauren cologne. A set of cufflinks completes a dressed-up look for a special occasion, and there's something about a luxury watch that makes for a special gift. It's not only a timeless gift (pun intended) but something that can be handed down to future generations.

Is Your Dad's Man Cave Missing Something?

Maybe your father has always dreamed of having his own home bar where he can concoct his own cocktails, or just enjoy a 'shaken, not stirred' martini of his own making. Get your favourite man started with bar supplies, such as shakers, a rolling bar cart, jiggers, and glassware. Now that you've got a drink in Dad's hand, stock his hideaway with fun stuff to do, like a pool table, dart board, or a full-on home theater system with surround sound speakers. Add a record player and some of his favorite vinyl albums, and he'll really be loving his man cave! He may never want to leave this room once you trick it out with everything from a foosball table to a card table for impromptu poker games. Want to really spoil a dad who grew up in the arcade era of the '80s? Surprise him with a full-sized version of his favorite arcade game, like Pac-Man or Galaga...no quarters necessary!

What About the Dad Who Has it All?

So, your dad is a great guy, and you'd love to treat him on this special day, but he's notoriously so hard to buy for that even your mom is at a loss when it comes to birthdays and holidays. Why not give him something he'll no doubt love? A gift card is a present that's always the right size, and it's a perfect way for Dad to choose exactly what he needs. You may not have even known he wanted a new recliner for his game room, or a mini fridge for the man cave. Bet you didn't notice his favorite T-shirt got a stain on it and needs replacing, or he really wants to take up running again, but needs the perfect pair of shoes. Give Dad the gift of selecting his own gift and you'll never go wrong.