False Eyelashes & Adhesives

False Eyelashes and Adhesives

For those hoping to make their lashes appear thicker and fuller, false lashes are temporary way to achieve the look they are going for. Because they can add a finished look to the eye, many enjoy using Ardell lashes as part of their regular beauty routine. Most false eyelashes need some type of adhesive to stick to the lash line.

What types of false lashes are there?

When it comes to full sets of eyelashes, there are two main types: synthetic lashes and mink lashes. Both types generally come in pairs.

  • Synthetic lashes: Synthetic lash sets are made from man-made fibers and fine plastics. These lashes are generally made to be worn once before being disposed of, although they can be worn several times if they are carefully cleaned after use.
  • Mink lashes: These lashes are made from real mink fur. As a result, these false eyelashes often have a more comfortable cotton band that makes them easier to apply. These lashes can be used multiple times and are often used for more natural makeup looks.

How do you put on Ardell false lashes?

For first-time users, applying a false lash on the eye can be tricky. With practice, though, you will soon be applying your synthetic or mink eyelashes like a pro.

  • Step 1: Curl your natural eyelashes and apply mascara.
  • Step 2: Cut the lash band on your falsies to fit your eye.
  • Step 3: Put the lash fixative on the band. Wait a few moments to put the lash on until the fixative is tacky.
  • Step 4: Use fingers or tweezers to place the false eyelashes on the eye. The eyelashes should closely hug the natural lash line.

How long can you wear individual lashes?

False eyelashes should be able to last for as long as you are wearing your makeup. While they can be worn overnight if enough glue is used, it is recommended that your remove the lashes along with your other makeup before bed.

Can you wear Ardell false eyelashes more than once?

Some fake eyelashes are only designed to be worn once. However, other pairs of lashes are designed for multiple uses. If you plan to use your eyelashes again, there are several steps you should follow to safely remove and store them.

  • Step 1: Remove the eyelashes from the eye.
  • Step 2: Dip a cotton swab into your makeup remover. Wipe the swab along the eyelash band.
  • Step 3: Store the lashes in a safe container to avoid damaging them.

To help your lashes last longer, avoid using mascara on them.

Do lashes come with glue?

Many lashes come with a sticky band or glue. In the rare case it is absent, obtaining the adhesives needed to put the lashes on the eyes is simple.