Fiorentini Baker

Founded and designed by Londoner Deborah Baker, and coming out of Italy through small, family-run factories, the shoes and boots from Fiorentini & Baker designer collections have become a fashion favorite since the brand’s inception in 2001. They look great with just about any look, whether you're dressing up or down.

What Styles of Footwear Does Fiorentini & Baker Make?

Fiorentini & Baker make various styles of both men’s and women’s leather shoes and sandals. Their leather boots would have to fall into a boot lover’s definition of absolute bliss! Their collections include:

  • Shoes: Both men and women’s Fiorentini Baker leather shoe collections include classy slip-on shoes, lace-ups flats, and strap backs. They also have some very clever clogs.
  • Sandals: For summer, Fiorentini & Baker produce a range of strappy leather sandals in flats and with heels for staying and looking cool in warm weather.
  • Boots: Fiorentini Baker Boots are very definitely great for walking and even riding! Their superb streetwear collections include every length of a boot: from ankle, to booties, to mid-calf, to knee-high, to over-knee. Biker boots cater to the motorcyclists within. For horsey folk, the equestrian styles are for riding.

What Features Does Fiorentini & Baker Footwear have?

All materials and craftsmanship that go into creating Fiorentini & Baker collections meet the high-quality standards of the company.

  • Materials: All pieces in the Fiorentini & Baker footwear collections use genuine leather and suede uppers and inners. Textures are smooth, soft, and supple and a tactile experience. The custom stitched soles largely use quality rubber.
  • Fastenings: Fastenings on Fiorentini Baker footwear includes zip closures, gold or silver buckles, buttons, laces, and studs.
  • Colors: The rich shades of leather and suede uppers ranges from earthy black, brown, green, grey and lavender tones to bright and beautiful hues of white, red, blue, gold and silver.
  • Heels: the heels heights of shoes and boots range from flat to over three inches, with different widths. Heel shapes and designs include stacked, platforms and wedges and more.
  • Distressed and Slouched: Most Fiorentini & Baker boots are ready for you to hit the ground running, so to speak, with distressed and slouched leather to give the overall ambiance of a comfy and much-loved pair of boots from the moment you step out in them.

Shoe Sizes

Fiorentini & Baker's boots and shoes come in shoe sizes for US 6 to 10 for women and US 7 to 13 for men. If you're measuring your feet to buy footwear or check the internal measurement is roomy enough for your foot, remember to measure the length of your foot from your heel to the end of your longest toe.

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