Eyeshadow Products

Eye Shadow

The eyes are often called the window to the soul, and eye shadow helps call attention to this important facial feature. Since this form of makeup comes in a variety of matte, shimmer, metallic, and glitter finishes, you can use it to subtly emphasize your eyes or to create bold looks. All of the different types and colors of eye shadow can add endless variety to your beauty routine.

What are the different kinds of eye shadow?

Eye shadow comes in many forms, so you have a lot of options when selecting these cosmetics, such as:

  • Pressed powder: This type of eye shadow is available in matte, shimmer, glitter, or metallic finishes. It is able to be blended, so you can apply a lot of thin layers for a customized look.
  • Cream: Cream or mousse eye shadows have impressive staying power, and they can provide intense color and coverage.
  • Loose powder: Loose eye shadows tend to have a filter that keeps you from spilling the eye shadow while applying it. Most loose options are for glitter or shimmer finishes.
  • Pencil: Sticks of eye shadow are perfect for doing makeup on the go because they can be used as eyeliner or shadow. They typically have a creamy finish.
What is an eye shadow palette?

Although plenty of brands offer individual colors, many cosmetics enthusiasts enjoy using palettes. These are typically a set of pressed powders in many coordinating shades, and they may come with a brush or an applicator. A palette makes it easy to create beauty looks since you can use dark colors as a liner and light colors as a highlight. Brands known for their palettes include Mac, Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, and Tarte.

How long is eye shadow good for?

Powder types of shadow are very stable, so you can keep them for at least two years before they need to be replaced. Eye shadows with a higher moisture content, such as creams or mousses, should be replaced after about 18 months.

What eye shadow is right for certain eye colors?

Any color of makeup can look beautiful with any color of eyes. However, certain shades can help brighten and emphasize the color of your iris. For example, if your eyes are:

  • Brown: Mossy green and warm gold colors make brown irises look brighter and lighter.
  • Blue: Orange is the complementary color for blue, so warm copper and bronze hues will bring out the blue in your eyes.
  • Gray: Cool shades of blue make gray eyes pop while shimmery black colors make irises shine.
  • Green: Warm shades of violet or cranberry make green eyes seem more vivid.