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Honda CR-V Racks

Honda CR-Vs are known for being a compact recreational vehicle, and a roof rack is a great way to provide these cars with extra space that allows you to carry a variety of items. Honda CR-V roof racks come in a large variety of styles, and they can hold items from bikes and kayaks to luggage and cargo boxes. Roof racks attach in a number of different ways and with numerous features, so be sure to consider what you will be using your rack for before purchasing it.

What types of roof racks are compatible with a CR-V?
  • Bare roof: Some Honda models do not come with any rails or tracks on the roof, and these cars are compatible with bare roof racks. Bare roof racks utilize towers or feet, which can be mounted to the top of the vehicle and are specially designed to fit the contours of the roof. Then, with these towers in place, a crossbar can be attached between them, allowing for further roof rack attachments.
  • Raised rails: Raised rails are commonly seen on full-size and compact SUVs, and these cars have a rail that runs the length of the roof from front to back that is located on the edges of the roof. This rail is lifted a few inches above the level of the roof, and crossbars can be placed directly onto these rails.
  • Flush rails: Flush rails also run along the edges of the Honda's roof, but these rails are not raised and are instead flush with the roof itself, giving cars with these rails a stylish yet functional look. Crossbars can be inserted or mounted into the fittings along these rails.
What items can you transport on a roof rack?

Once you have installed the side rails or crossbars, many racks are adaptable and can be used with a number of different rack attachments. These attachments can be designed for a variety of items, including bikes, skis and snowboards, cargo boxes, paddleboards or surfboards, rafts, and more.

What other roof rack features should be considered?
  • Wind resistance: Some vehicle racks include a solid barrier on the front of the rack to block the wind. However, this attachment can increase wind noise while driving, so it is important to take this into consideration.
  • Height requirements and restrictions: Be aware of garage or other height restrictions that you may have for your car so that you can avoid installing a rack that is too tall for your driving needs.
  • Interchangeable attachments: Many crossbars can be utilized with a variety of attachments that can be interchanged for one another. If you are looking to use your rack for many items, be sure that the crossbars have this compatibility.
  • Locking: Many CR-V roof racks include locking mechanisms, which can be useful to ensure that the rack stays on your car and that your belongings stay on the rack when you're on the go.
  • Car weight limit: The roof of your Honda CR-V is only built to support a certain amount of weight, so be sure that you are not overloading rack.