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Exterior Antennas for Dodge Avenger

If the antenna on your vehicle is no longer in good shape, it's time to replace it. A broken antenna is no reason to swap out your whole car, especially if the engine and seats are still in proper working order. Instead, install a new base mount or a new antenna so that you will once again receive strong radio reception while driving.

What parts does an Avenger antenna have?

Before purchasing a new antenna, determine what part of the unit is broken. You may need to switch out only one of the components.

  • Base Mount - This is the piece that holds the antenna in place. Often, the base can swivel so that you can adjust the position of the antenna. The base mount may attach to the car by drilling or by magnets.
  • Antenna - This is the rod that sticks up into the air to receive radio signals. It has a connection that screws onto the base. If your antenna has gotten bent, this may be the only part that needs to be replaced.

You can replace just the mount for your antenna, the antenna itself, or both parts.

What options are there for purchasing Dodge antennas?

Some Avenger antennas are manufacturer-original parts that are the same model as those that Dodge mounts on new cars. However, these manufacturer originals have never been installed on a car before.

Another option is to purchase an aftermarket accessory. Aftermarket antennas are manufactured by other companies but can be used in Dodge Avengers.

Many antennas are compatible with only certain model years of these vehicles. Confirm the compatibility of your Dodge's model year before making a purchase.

Is there a difference between radio antennas?

Satellite radio systems require a different antenna than AM/FM radios. Most antennas are compatible with standard AM/FM radios. If your sedan is equipped with a SiriusXM satellite radio system, you must specifically look for an antenna that is capable of picking up satellite radio signals.

How do you replace a Dodge Avenger antenna?

Most antennas for these Dodge cars mount to the roof of the car. This is the original antenna spot installed on Dodge Avengers by the manufacturer. However, if you want to put your antenna in a different spot, there are aftermarket antennas that mount to the fender of the car instead.

  • For safety, begin by removing the negative cable from the car's battery.
  • Access the antenna by dropping the headliner down.
  • Undo the electrical connections of the antenna.
  • Take off the base fastener and the antenna.
  • Repeat the steps in reverse order to attach the new antenna.