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How to Turn Heads with Exotics

Exotic cars are more than just transportation; they are ideas on the road. Unlike the majority of domestic cars, which are easy to find and often seen as relatively interchangeable, exotics are seen as something else. These are cars you don't see often. Some have high prices, others have limited production runs or unusual features. It's always hard to describe, but the general consensus is that people will know one when they see it.

What about Supercars?

Famed for their high performance and even higher prices, super and hypercars often fall into the exotic car class. This is where you see converted racing designs like the McLaren, recreations of lost names such as Bugatti, and with established Italian companies such as Maserati. These cars are notable for their advanced powertrain designs as well as their aggressive styling. They are built to turn heads almost as fast as they can go around the Nurburgring. Some of the better-known brands include:

  • Ferrari: With cars like the 488 GTB, Ferrari has made it clear that they are not giving away anything in the performance market.
  • Lamborghini: Born out of the founder's frustration with Ferrari, Lamborghini's Aventador and V-10 engined Huracan are fierce mid-engine competitors with more aggressive and brutal stylings than Ferrari.
  • Porsche: Growing out of rear-engine designs like the 911, Porsche puts a teutonic face on supercar performance.
Another Word for Luxury

By their very nature, luxury cars are driven by limited production. The work required to produce one limits their availability as much or more than the high prices they are known to command. These cars are not as aggressive as sports cars but far more comfortable inside. It's all about separating the passenger from the road and giving them an experience that can't be found in lesser vehicles. They don't simply have brands, they have marques:

  • Rolls-Royce: The biggest name in British motor history, Rolls is known for absolute comfort. No longer associated with Bentley, it has retained its position for decades.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Along with derivatives like Maybach and performance variants like Mercedes-AMG, the Mercedes name is all about efficiency and quality; simply the best car the manufacturer knows how to make.
The Power of Imports

Most exotic cars are imports, partly because simple rarity adds to that air of exoticism and mystery. This holds true for everything from Land Rover to Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin, and Alfa-Romeo. The drawback for many is maintenance, with parts being harder to find due to smaller production runs in foreign countries. But if you can find parts and a good mechanic, a pre-owned exotic car can be something that makes a statement every time you drive by.

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