Ethnic & Cultural Collectibles

 What Are Some Tips for Collecting Cultural and Ethnic Artwork?

First, choose a theme for the collection, such as pottery, figurines, or textiles from a specific culture. Alternatively, simply collect artwork that grabs your attention and pays homage to an ethnicity you admire. If you want to collect items of value, then stick to original art from well-known artists and look for one-of-a-kind pieces. Try to find a signature on a piece of artwork, and consult reference material or a professional to authenticate it. Store, clean, and care for each piece, keeping it free of dust and dirt and checking it regularly for damage that might decrease its value.

How Can You Safely Clean Antique Cultural Porcelain and Pottery?

Individual pieces that suffered poor storage sometimes need a simple dusting or a wash to remove stains, grime, and dirt. You can soak vases in water and a cup of ammonia for 24 hours, or use metal polish to remove silver and pencil marks from antique pottery. Removing tough mineral deposits from pottery is often as simple as soaking the piece in white vinegar for a day or more, while simply hand-washing porcelain and pottery in warm, soapy water can remove grime. For tough stains or extensive damage, take the antiques to a professional.

What Are Some Tips for Storing Fragile and Valuable Ethnic Jewelry?

Choose a jewelry box or a container with a sturdy exterior but soft interior, adding locks to the lid for extra precaution. Storing each piece individually decreases the chance of tangles and damage. Lay beaded jewelry flat, and hang necklaces to prevent the chains from kinking or warping over time. Keep the jewelry in a dry, cool place, and place anti-tarnish strips or cloths in containers, especially with silver pieces.