What to Know About Collecting Erin the Bear Beanie Baby

Since they were first introduced by Chicago-area toymaker Ty, Inc. in 1993, Beanie Babies have been well-known. The collectible market for these bears continues to flourish, with Erin the Bear, easily found on eBay at an affordable price, being one of the most common items to trade. The Erin Beanie Baby value varies depending on what features the item has.

What features are you looking for in Erin Ty Beanie Baby collectibles for sale?

Because the original Erin Beanie Baby 1997 was retired, it’s sometimes possible to find rare bears that have increased in value through the years. The value of the affordable Erin bear will range depending on its condition and rarity, emblem errors, or hangtag discrepancies. Consider whether you’re looking to purchase a Beanie Baby that’s still in the original packaging, has intact hangtags, or notable rare errors.

How can you decide among the various Erin Beanie Baby choices for sale?

Ty first started releasing a holiday special edition of the Beanie Babies in 1997. Erin the Bear was first introduced to the public as the St. Patrick’s Day bear. Later the same year, Erin the Bear Beanie Baby was also included as part of the McDonald’s International Bears Happy Meals promotion in a Teenie Beanie version.

Maybe you’re interested in finishing your set of four bears that were originally a part of the McDonald’s set. You may be able to find just one of the Teenie Beanies to complete your own set, or you can purchase the whole set of four together. As you may recall, Beanie Baby Erin represents Ireland, Maple represents Canada, and Britannia represents the UK. The final bear of the set is Glory, representing the United States. Together, these bears were part of a McDonald’s promotion in the late ‘90s.

How to decide which new or preowned Beanie Baby to purchase

Keep in mind that these International Bears Teenie Beanies became one of the restaurant’s most common promotions in their Happy Meals. In total, over 100,000 Teenie Beanies were released in this promotion in just over one week. As a result, many of these bears may not have a significant collectible value.

However, keep an eye out for printing errors, emblem errors, and rare vintage versions that help the Beanie Baby to increase in value. Because Erin the Bear Beanie Baby for sale has a shamrock on the chest, you want to look carefully for errors there in addition to reviewing for hang tag printing errors.

Erin the Bear Beanie Baby's value can vary significantly depending on factors like whether the toy is in a new or used condition, still in its packaging, and whether it has rare printing or emblem errors. Keeping these purchase guidelines in mind, owning the right Beanie Baby can bring you joy for years to come.

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