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Emergency Preparedness

Get organized, and protect your family and your home in any eventuality, with the excellent range of emergency preparedness essentials available through eBay. From the necessary food supplies, blankets, and bandages to get you through any crisis, to the tools to rebuild and repair when the emergency is over, you are sure to find what you need.


Whether you are experiencing a temporary power cut during a storm or a prolonged power outage as the result of a major disaster, an emergency generator provides the warmth and light you need to maintain comfortable living conditions. A stationary generator is a permanent and robust installation offering up to 20,000 watts, and it starts automatically when the power goes out. A cost-effective alternative is a gas or propane portable generator, which generates less power but is easy to move to different locations as needed. Look for top quality brands such as Honda, Ford, and Westinghouse, which offer the amazing design features and construction you expect from famous names.

Power Equipment

Emergencies come in many forms, and a good selection of power tools is important for meeting the demands of the situation. Sellers on eBay offer new and used power tools from top brands including DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Bosch. A chainsaw is useful for cutting up fallen trees, a pump clears out flood water rapidly, and a cordless drill comes in handy when you need to board up a broken window or fix a damaged roof. These tools are readily available from sellers on eBay, and if you purchase older or refurbished models, you can get all the benefits of quality construction while taking advantage of steep discounts.


Provide food, shelter, and warmth for your family with a range of essential supplies. Stock your cupboard with emergency food kits and baby formula prior to a major storm, and make sure you have plenty of fresh drinking water or water purification tablets. Your emergency kit should include some candles and matches, flashlights with extra batteries, and toilet tissues. Blankets provide additional warmth during a power outage, and raingear may be necessary if you have to travel in harsh weather.

Excellent Choice

From minor inconveniences such as power failures and temporary illnesses, to major incidents such as an earthquake or a motor accident, it pays to be prepared. The massive selection of products available from sellers on eBay makes it quick and easy to stock up on vital emergency supplies and equipment before you need them.