Elgin 15 Jewels Antique Pocket Watches


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Elgin Antique Pocket Watches with 15 Jewels

The Elgin National Watch Company was a producer of watches in the United States between 1864 and 1968. They created precision pocket watches with elaborate case designs featuring animals, floral patterns, art deco designs, and geometric patterns. Antique pocket watch styles by Elgin are made of gold, silver, brass, or other metals, and they have 15 jewels within their movements.

What are the 15 jewels in Elgin pocket watches?

Elgin included 15 jewels to reduce wear and tear inside their pocket watches. You can find them in the balance assembly and escapement of a pocket watch. The 15 jewels include pallet fork hole, escape wheel hole, 3rd wheel hole, 4th wheel hole, balance staff hole, balance staff cap, pallet, and roller jewels. Some watches will be marked with the count, while others may not contain a mark mentioning the number. They are typically screw set jewels with a micrometer regulator.

What sizes did Elgin make pocket watches in?

The size of a watch will refer to the width of the movement, so keep in mind that the outer case will be slightly larger. Even if two watches have the same size, they may not have the same overall case measurements. Elgin watch styles are available in the following sizes:

  • Size 0: Pocket watch movements for a size 0 have a diameter of 29.63 millimeters. Elgin mostly used this size for lady's pocket watches.
  • Size 12: These Elgin pocket watches have a movement diameter of 39.79 millimeters.
  • Size 16: Size 16 Elgin watch designs have a movement diameter of 43.18 millimeters.
  • Size 18: Movements in a size 18 pocket watch will have a diameter of 44.87 millimeters. This is the size used for the signature Elgin Raymond railroad pocket watch design.
What styles of antique watches were made by Elgin?

Vintage Elgin watches are found in the following traditional watch designs.

  • Open face: The open face pocket watch styles do not have anything that covers their face. This style was used for the plainer pocket watch styles.
  • Hunter case: Elgin watch designs with a hunting case have a spring hinged cover over the watch dial.
  • Half hunter case: Also called a demi-hunter case, this style of antique pocket watch has a glass, crystal, or hollow window in the case that lets you see the time. Few Elgin watch styles used this design.
  • Double hunter case: In addition to the case on the front, these Elgin watch styles also have a case on the back that can be opened to reveal the movements. The double hunter case allows you to easily prop the watch in an upright position.