Electric Articulating Boom Lifts

Find the Right Electric Articulating Boom Lifts for Your Construction Project

Whether you own a construction company or are looking to partake in your own construction project, you may have decided that an affordable electric articulating boom lift would be a wise purchase. Consider the following factors that will undoubtedly influence your purchasing decision.

How do you find the right electric articulating boom lifts?

You may have an idea of what you're looking for when you begin your search, but consider the following categories to get a more specific idea of what most suits your company or project.

  • Platform height: To determine this, you will need to have a specific idea of what you plan to use the electric articular boom life for. Heights range from less than 20 inches to over 60 inches.
  • Make: There is great variability in the makes of electric articulating boom lifts. Some makes include Bil-Jax, Genie, JLG, and NiftyLift.
  • Towable or drivable: How would you prefer to transport the electric articulating boom lift? You may prefer one you can drive, or you may be okay with one that is towable.
  • Price: Price is affected by all these factors, as well as condition. A used boom lift will be more affordable, while a brand-new boom lift may be more costly but has more longevity.
  • Condition: Consider what condition you would prefer to purchase an electric articulating boom lift in. If the price is a factor for you, you might lean more towards a used option.
Some features unique to different electric articulating boom lifts

In addition to these broader categories, you can further narrow down your search by considering the year, the capacity of the lift, whether it has been inspected by ANSI, and what drive it is. The year may range anywhere from 1999 to 2019. There is also a wide variation in the weight capacity a lift is able to support; the weight capacity is often shown as something like, "500lbs," in the eBay description for the lift you are considering. ANSI inspection ensures your safety will be more guaranteed. You can find two-wheel drive options as well as four-wheel drive options.

Differences between electric articulating boom lifts with built-in versus external chargers

You may prefer an electric articular boom lift with a built-in charger, so you don't have to purchase an external one. If you already have a compatible external charger, you may prefer to stick with a lift that doesn't contain the charger within the lift.