Check Out These Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks are collections of the wonderful, special, rare, and quirky items that are uniquely eBay. These collections may focus on a category such as vintage jewelry, passions like bird watching, and fun celebrations such as National Puppy Day or the anniversary of Woodstock. Checking out these curated Editor's Picks is an excellent way to explore a variety of interests, connect with a bigger community, and discover something new.

Donut Appreciation, May the Fourth, and Other Fun Days 

Many people enjoy celebrating quirky events and weird days. On eBay, some of the top picks pay homage to these fun days. At different times in the year, you can find collections celebrating:    

  • Donut Day - Get all your wacky donut gear, including pool floats, stuffed pillows, and kits to make donuts at home.
  • Cuddle Up Day - Shop for affordable blankets, fuzzy slippers, and cozy robes.
  • Houseplant Appreciation Day - Select a new flowerpot, terrarium, or plant stand.
  • May the Fourth – Show off your Star Wars love with costumes, memorabilia, props, games, and other gear.
  • Puppy Day - Find puppy toys, art, figurines, and apparel with puppy images and sayings.


Toys for All Ages 

Discover collections of new and vintage toys, games, and accessories on eBay. From original Toy Story toys to the updated versions and new characters, you can shop for old and new items among Editor's Picks. Perhaps you love Hot Wheels, Hello Kitty, Barbies, or Beanie Babies. There are new and used toys, games, and puzzles of all types and for all ages on eBay.

Seasonal Fun 

The editors are always looking for exciting seasonal items for you to enjoy on your own or with friends and family. Some of the top seasonal picks include:    

  • For the Birds - Get all the gear you need for bird watching, including binoculars, birding guides, and storybooks about birds.
  • Take a Dip - Choose from flotation devices, pool toys, snorkeling gear, swimsuits, beach towels, and more for your visit to the pool or beach.
  • Holiday - Shop for indoor and outdoor decor, linens, dishes, gifts, and party favors to celebrate holidays such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day, and more.
  • Party Gear - On eBay, find everything you need for a graduation party, baby shower, anniversary party, or birthday party. Select balloons, decorations, games, and invitations.


Top Technology and Luxurious Finds 

Some of the rare and wonderful Editor's Picks include top technology like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You might find gaming systems, games, smart watches, fitness trackers, or devices to help you sleep better. Check out luxurious men's suits, women's dresses, designer shoes, name brand purses, vintage sunglasses, and elegant apparel. The Editor's Picks include fine jewelry, rare vintage pieces, and hot styles for both men and women.

Cultural Moments 

Editor's Picks also incorporate some of the most iconic cultural moments in the U.S. If you have a passion for history or a particular type of event, eBay has everything you need. Some of the cultural moments collections include items celebrating:      

  • Pride Month
  • The Moon Landing, Woodstock, and other anniversaries
  • Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and other television and movie series
  • Royal weddings and babies