ESAB (Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget) is a company that makes welding and cutting equipment as well as consumables. They were founded in Sweden in the early 1900s but expanded to have a global presence in the welding industry.

What are the different methods of welding?

In general, ESAB offers four methods of welding: MIG, TIG, Stick, and Arc.

  • MIG welders work by feeding a continuous supply of wire to the weld. The design uses a simple gun to operate, but they have a narrow range of materials that they can weld.
  • TIG welding utilizes a tungsten electrode to create heat. TIG setups protect the process with specialized gas bubbles. These are usually argon or helium, and the TIG equipment needs a gas tank to go with it.
  • Stick welding is an older method. It involves single electrode sticks. The sticks melt along with the metal in the process to fuse the materials. It is one of the stronger welds and is used in many construction projects.
  • Arc welding is done with a flux-filled wire. This creates a gas bubble to protect the process and expends a consumable wire. Arc is an energy-efficient method of welding and has a wide versatility in applications.
What gas supplies are needed for welding?

MIG welders and most stick welders don't need any gas supply at all. Other methods of welding do utilize an external gas supply. The most common gases are carbon dioxide, argon, helium, and oxygen. Selecting the right gas for the job is a matter of verifying the fusing process with the materials being fused. Most devices have gas flow guides.

What Is the difference between ESAB's Oxy-Fuel and Plasma cutting tools?

When it comes to cutting, the two primary tools are Oxy-Fuel and Plasma.

  • Plasma uses electricity to ionize gas and create heat and pressure. The result is a plasma release that cuts the metal. Plasma cutting is often preferred for non-ferrous metals like aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Oxy-fuel torches use a focused stream of fire to create heat and cut metal. They can handle much thicker metals than most plasma cutting rigs, and Oxy-Fuel works on ferrous metals.
Which ESAB helmet is needed for each cutting?

Be sure to check the manufacturer specification when choosing a helmet for a welding job. Some helmets are designed for specific purposes. Others are intended for versatility and are ideal for combination jobs that involve cutting and welding.

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