Electric Bicycle Components

If you like cycling, you'll love the extra power an electric bike can give you. You'll be able to ride faster and for longer on flat and hilly surfaces alike. There are two types of electric bike; full-power which have large batteries and powerful hub motors, and power-assist which have smaller electric motors that can be activated when you're tired of pedalling.

No matter which style of electric bike you have, you'll find thousands of new and used components available from a selection of brands including SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano.

Whether you're building, converting or repairing your bike, you'll need a range of big and small parts to make your electric bike hum.


Most electric bikes are powered by lithium-ion batteries, as they're lightweight and high performing. Lithium-polymer and lithium-sulphur may also be options depending on the manufacturer you choose.

The output of an electric bike battery is around 35-50 volts, which is enough to travel between 10 and 40 miles depending on your speed and the terrain. If you're happy to cycle part of the way, it's possible to travel greater distances.

Several electric bike batteries come with inbuilt USB ports which will enable you to charge your phone, or another compatible device, whenever your bike is stationary. In addition to batteries, you'll also find a range of battery chargers that will help you repower your bike in just a few hours.


There are two general types of motor that can be used to power an electric bike. Compact electric motors can power both wheels, while hub motors can be put onto each wheel to provide greater power and control. Hub motors are typically found in electric mountain bikes that require the power to drive uphill or off-road.

Choose from a wide range of hub, mid-drive, geared, gearless, brushed, brushless and friction motors.