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Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy RPG game where players battle it out in head-to-head competition. Dungeons and Dragons miniatures represent a world of different figures and monsters. There are over 25 releases for Dungeons and Dragons minis gameplay.

What scale are Dungeons and Dragons miniatures?

Figures average a 1:60 scale or 30-millimeter height, but this can vary between figures. Bases may range between 25 millimeters and 30 millimeters. The other aspect that can affect size is how each manufacturer measures for scale. Some measure from the base to the eyes while others measure to the top of the head. There may not be a notable difference, aside from bases. Some bases will slightly overlap on a 1 by 1 grid but fit just right in a 2 by 2 grid.

How many miniatures come in booster packs?

The answer depends on which Dungeons and Dragons release you have. Each release has a certain number of minis in the base set. The distribution of miniatures in each booster pack provides one rare mini, one uncommon mini, and two common minis. The uncommon mini may be large or medium in size, depending on the size of the rare figurine. If the rare figurine is large, your uncommon figure will be medium.

How does gameplay with miniatures work?

Gameplay with minis differs from other formats of the game. You do not play one character, and you do not need a dungeon master. It is a two-player game where you wage war against each other. Each fighter character has a point cost, and you roll a 20-sided die to determine if your attack is successful. If you are using a map, you can choose how many areas to occupy to decide the winner, or if you do not have a map, determine the point value of the winner.

  • Select a race and subrace.
  • Choose a class.
  • Generate ability scores.
  • Describe the character.
  • Equip the character.

There are 26 races and 12 classes. Your race has certain characteristics that will help you, such as an extra 10 points for dexterity. Other abilities may be lessened, such as a weakness to certain spells that are cast at the character. Class is what defines you in the game. You can be a warrior, wizard, thief, or something else. Your class also affects your ability score. A wizard would have a better spellcasting ability score than a warrior would. You are also restricted to equipping your character's weapons and armor for certain races and classes.

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