About Dumbbell Weights

The three core elements of fitness and weight loss are strength training, cardio and a proper diet. Dumbbells answer to the strength training and cardio parts easily, making it one of the bestselling equipment not just on eBay but everywhere, even garage sales. Women like to do their zumba with the smallest weight from their dumbbell set. The weight doesn't have to be noticeable, but it varies the resistance and center of gravity. Keeping balance while carrying weight burns extra calories, not to mention muscles get toned so much faster! Adjustable dumbbells chart and display your progress. More weight, fewer reps - this is the recommended method for spot reducing weight and body building. Arm curls take care of flabby arm fat and make you a star in tennis or ballroom dancing. Swinging a racket and lifting or doing a flip on the dance floor becomes so easy with upper body fitness! A large percentage of fitness enthusiasts are sent to jog or cycle by their doctors for cardiac health. Sure, pumping your legs makes your heart and lungs pump, but don't forget your chest, shoulders and arms! Get a set of dumbbells!