Drag Racing Parts

Drag Racing Parts

When you drag race, you want your car to perform at optimal speed. You will need performance parts to keep your vehicle in shape. Some of these parts include engines, chassis, and wheels.

What parts are essential to a drag racing car?

Here is a partial list of necessities for drag racing vehicles:

  • Sticky tires: These tires give you traction. While you are on your way to the track, you can drive the tires on the street.
  • Performance suspension: You will get a better handle on your vehicle with performance delay. Plus, it will give you more traction. If you want to have more power, you will need the no-hop bars. They change the rear delay geometry. Also, it will change the car's instant center so that it can hook up.
  • Drag-style shocks: These allow the racer to dial into the race car so that the driver can better face track conditions.
  • The engine: Use a much smaller engine with power-adder nitrous, a turbo, or a blower. When you add power, you can drive more. With a little boost, it will give a low compression ratio. It allows you to cruise on an 87-octane gas while keeping your foot out of it. A torque converter will interrupt the speed while it increases with load. When you have more engine power, you will have a higher amount of stall.
How do you get more power from drag racing cars?

You will need the components to get it to run, which include a double-pumper carburetor, Pro-Billet distributor, and an electric water pump to ease the dyno installation.

Replace the camshaft with a hydraulic roller. The engine should have OEM-style ball-pivot rocker arms and stock-replacement style pushrods. Plus, you can get a set of rocker arms.

How do you get the right suspension for your car?

A race car’s system includes hangers, pipes, control arms, struts, shocks, sway bars, and springs.

You will need bushings made of steel and rubber. The Polyurethane, a type of rubber, helps to isolate the noise, vibration, and harness.

The energy suspension places more emphasis on the durometer scale to gauge the hardness. The soft suspension bushings take a longer time to settle.

When you have a high spring rate without any damping, the vehicle will bounce around without settling. If you have too much damping, the impact absorption will be weak.

Keep the polyurethane parts moistened, and it will last as long as your car is in operation. You will get a much better performance from polyurethane parts. With all these measures, racers will see much better 60-foot time.