Dozen Major League Baseballs

Never Miss an Autograph Chance When You Own These Dozen Major League Baseballs

When you own a dozen Major League baseballs, you can rest assured you’ll never miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a valuable autograph. The only baseball to hand over to a player for an autograph is an authentic one from your box of a dozen Major League baseballs. Each is handmade and displays the signature of the current Commissioner of Major League Baseball and available new or used from eBay. 

Why should you buy Major League baseballs? 

In addition to using packs of major league balls, for gameplay, there are other things you can do with these baseballs. If you’re a fan who attends games, you might want to get your favorite player or players to autograph your baseballs. An autograph on a normal, unofficial baseball is not nearly as special as one signed on an official MLB baseball. In fact, to be valued as a collectible, the signature must be on an official baseball. Since you never know how many or how often you’ll get an opportunity to get a valuable autograph, stocking up with a dozen Major League baseballs from eBay is a wise idea. 

Where Major League baseballs are made: 

There are different companies that make baseballs like MacGregors and Spaldings. Another is the Rawlings factory. This factory is located in Turrialba, Costa Rica. There are over 300 expert stitchers who work at the facility, and they produce over two million licensed MLB baseballs every year. Each baseball made at the Rawling’s Costa Rica plant is made using the quality tested materials. It is then weighed, measured and inspected to make certain each ball meets the rigorous specifications of Major League Baseball. 

What materials are used to make official MLB baseballs? 

Since every Major League baseball must pass a series of rigorous tests before they are shipped, the materials used are important. A baseball has three parts to it. Here are the materials used for each.  

  • Core – The center of an official MLB baseball is 13/16 of an inch in diameter. It is made of heat blended rubber composite, encased by two layers of rubber. Each core measures exactly 4 1/8-inches in circumference.
  • The Windings – This center core is covered by four distinct layers of wool and cotton windings. Three layers of gray and white woolen yarn are finished with a final layer of white cotton.
  • The Cover – Every ball in a box of a dozen Major League baseballs will be finished with a hand sewn genuine cowhide cover. Each cover must be white and is tested for 17 different deficiencies before being stamped as an official MLB baseball.