Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke makes a variety of leather and fabric items, including a wide variety of bags. Dooney & Bourke makes a wide selection of bag types to suit multiple needs, including handbags, diaper bags, briefcases, iPod cases, wallets, and luggage.

What is Dooney & Bourke?

Dooney & Bourke is an American company founded in 1975 that produces a wide array of accessory goods. While they dabble in everything from watches to footwear to phone cases, they are perhaps most well-known for their various purses, handbags, satchels, and totes. They make a variety of styles and designs to suit many needs. Below are some of the more common types of bags available from this brand.

  • Crossbody purses.
  • Shoulder bags.
  • Large satchel style handbags.
  • Drawstring bucket style bags.
What is a Dooney & Bourke crossbody?

The Dooney & Bourke crossbody is a purse style that employs a long strap that hooks onto the ends of the bag. The middle of the strap is worn against the side of the neck, and it crosses the wearer’s body in front and back, with the bag itself hanging at your side, near the hip. This functional style is typically used as a hands-free bag that offers security. It also is designed to allow more comfort when carrying more weight. Below are just some crossbody styles offered by Dooney & Bourke:

  • Logo crossbodies allow the wearer to show team loyalty and are available in many professional or college sports themes.
  • Dooney & Bourke wallets are a small version that can fit a wallet and a few other small items such as lipstick or chewing gum.
  • Dooney & Bourke satchels are a larger version that provides more carrying capacity.
  • The Dooney & Bourke flap style allows the bag to be opened quickly with the raising of a large flap, giving quick and easy access.
  • Bucket style offers a deep pocket for carrying items. It has a rounder shape and a quick drawstring closure.
  • Materials are generally either leather or a sturdy canvas exterior. Both materials are good protection for the contents, and Dooney & Bourke uses a leather they call All Weather Leather that is more resistant to water.
What are Dooney & Bourke shoulder bags?

Unlike a crossbody, Dooney & Bourke shoulder style handbags usually have large, looping handles that sit on the shoulder of the wearer. They tend to be somewhat larger, allowing for bulkier and larger items to be carried. Below are some of the more common shoulder styles from this brand:

  • Shoulder totes are voluminous and generally feature no closure or a small clasp one, meant to allow easy access to the contents.
  • Florentine leather satchels are glossy and made from Florentine leather. These are generally roomy inside.
  • Bucket style shoulder handbags, like their crossbody cousins, are rounder and deep with a drawstring closure.
  • Leather and canvas are the typical materials used in the construction of these items.