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Two-in-One with Versatile Doona Strollers

The Doona Stroller is a practical and flexible stroller that transforms into an infant stroller. The car seat and stroller are combined in one piece of equipment to keep the precious cargo safe in the car or on a stroll. Find new and used Doona Strollers on eBay.

About the Doona car seat and stroller

The Doona stroller system is an infant car seat and stroller in one practical package. The most notable feature is that the legs of the stroller fold up to make a compact car seat. This car seat can attach to the car seat base in your car without removing the legs of the stroller.

The car seat itself includes a five-point harness system made of safe materials for your infant. The adjustable handlebar can stay short when carrying the car seat or be extended when taken out for a stroll. The car seat is rear-facing​ in both car and stroller modes. If this system is right for you, find the Doona car seat for sale on eBay.

​On eBay, find Doona car seats and strollers used or new in the box. New options still in the original packaging typically include the latch car seat base and possibly a few extra attachments. Some Doona stroller used options may not include the latch car seat base. However, these are also available for purchase individually on eBay.

Colors the stylish Doona stroller sunshade comes in

T​he car seat is made with a few different colors of sunshades while the rest of the car seat coloring is consistent. Sunshade​ colors available include:

  • Nitro black
  • Blush pink
  • Racing green
  • Royal blue
  • Grey hound
W​hat accessories are available for the Doona Stroller?

T​here are also a variety of accessories available on eBay for your new or used Doona stroller. One common accessory is a sunshade​ extension to provide increased sun protection both in the car and outside. Protect your infant from all kinds of weather with the rain cover attachment or insect net.

T​he stroller in its simplest form does not provide any storage space. If you need a place to store your belongings while using the stroller, find snap-on bag and storage options on eBay both new and used for affordable Doona car seats. Many of these convenient accessories are available individually or as sets. They also are available in a variety of colors including those listed above.

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