The Signature of a World Leader: A Donald Trump Autograph

The rise of Donald Trump from real estate developer to President of the United States has made an authentic Trump autograph difficult to obtain. Collectors and fans of the 45th President seeking a reasonably priced Trump autograph for sale will find that genuine signatures are found on various items. You can find a selection of Donald Trump autograph items available on eBay.

Items that have a Trump autograph

Donald Trump has signed many items at his speaking engagements and political rallies. The autographed item that you choose can be one for display purposes or one that you will wear or use regularly. The more common items include:

  • Photos of President Donald Trump.
  • Autographed MAGA hat.
  • Books written by Donald Trump.
  • Presidential inauguration memorabilia.
Is a signed Trump hat one size fits all?

An affordable Donald Trump signed hat is a sought-after autograph by fans. Most of these hats are designed to fit all adult men and women. Some hats may be too large for children. A signed preowned MAGA hat most often has an adjustable strap in the back which allows most adults to wear the item comfortably.

Things to consider when buying a Donald Trump autograph

Autographs from President Trump are most often obtained by at events. Before you choose a Trump autograph for sale there are a few things to consider:

  • Authentic autographs vs. reproductions: Some items may be stamped with a reproduction of Donald Trump's autograph. These Trump signatures for sale are mass-produced and may be more affordable than an authentic autograph.
  • Pen used to sign items: Quality autographs are most often signed with a permanent marker. Autographs that have been signed with a ballpoint pen may be more susceptible to fading over time.
  • Certificates of Authenticity: A Trump signature for sale may or may not be offered with a COA or Certificate of Authenticity. Items with a COA can be more expensive than others.
  • Autographs prior to Trump's political career: Items that were signed by Donald Trump before he became President may be easier to find than signatures given during Trump's political career.
Do Trump autographs have value to collectors?

All autographs from individuals who have served as President of the United States have value. Due to supply and demand, the value can rise or fall over time. In addition, certain collectible items that have President Trump's autograph may become harder to find over time, which could contribute to the value.