Dollhouses & Room Boxes

Delight Your Children With Doll Houses

There are few toys that can induce as much imaginative power in a child as a doll house. While the original doll houses were designed for adults to display their wealth and power, they are mostly used these days for children's play time and to display the decorator's creativity. You can find a variety of doll houses on eBay.

An overview of standard doll house scales

The most common scales for a dollhouse designed for children are 1:18 or 1:16. These doll house for sale were mass-produced in the 20th and 21st centuries, so they typically come in these standard scales. In contrast, doll houses made for adult collectors are usually 1:12 in scale where 1 inch represents 1 foot. These doll houses are usually made for museums, exhibitions, and large-scale events.

It should be noted that vintage doll houses produced in the 18th and 19th centuries did not have a standard scale. The largest common doll house scale is 1:6, made for branded dolls that are usually larger in dimensions compared to traditional dolls. You can also find smaller scales such as 1:24, 1:44, and 1:48 on eBay. See the manufacturer site for details.

What types of doll houses are available?

The two most common types of new and used doll houses sold in the marketplace are:

  • Open-back houses: As the name suggests, this type of house has an open back for children to access its rooms. The front of the miniature is sealed and looks like a real house. Most doll houses manufactured in the United States are the open-back type.
  • Hinged Houses: These houses open from the front. When opened, you have rooms on either side of the accessible playing area.
Materials used in construction

There are plenty of materials used for the construction of these stylish dollhouses that may include wood, plastic, fiberboard, plywood, and metal. Fiberboard and wooden doll houses for sale are considered to provide strength and durability to the structure for longer periods than the other materials.

On the other hand, plywood and plastic are also widely used to create dollhouses inexpensively. Despite their lower price, these cheap doll houses are equally impressive in their design, and they can also survive a long time if handled carefully. Metal is also used to construct doll houses but the material is most prominent in used doll houses for sale that were manufactured in the 19th and early-20th centuries.