Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

If you have a dog that gets overly excited during walks and pulls or lunges forward, it may be a good idea to switch from a neck collar to a body harness. While collar and lead options are suitable for dogs of all sizes, injury can occur to your dog's neck and trachea if it pulls too hard.

Harnesses can help take the strain away from your dog's neck, distributing the force across their back or chest instead and ensuring a safe walk each and every time.

There are thousands of dog harnesses to choose, no matter how big or strong your dog. Choose from XXS to XXL in a range of fabrics, from leather and faux leather to neoprene, nylon and mesh.

You'll find new and used harnesses from popular brands such as EzyDog, Dexil, Red Dingo, Lupine, Rosewood, PUPPIA, The Company of Animals, Ruffwear, Hurtta and Julius-K9.

Chest Plate Harness

Chest plate harnesses will distribute the load evenly across your dog's chest rather than its neck. They're comfortable to wear and provide maximum support which makes them a great option for stronger dogs. Chest plate harnesses are typically designed with an ergonomic shape that can suit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Soft/Vest Harness

Soft/vest harnesses are the most popular type and feature lots of padding for additional comfort. You'll find a range of sizes available with adjustable straps to customise the fit. These waterproof harnesses come in a range of bright block colors and patterns. Choose from tartans, tweeds and camouflage prints.

Strap Harness

Strap harnesses come in a range of configurations that distribute the force to either the back or chest. They're the harness of choice for lead training as they're designed to completely eliminate pulling.

Working Dog Harness

Special harnesses are available for working dogs. These can be distinguished by their thick padding, and bright fluorescent yellow, green, white, blue and orange colorways. They may also feature writing alerting others to the service the dog is performing or its temperament.