Dog Grooming Tables

An Essential Guide to Dog Grooming Tables

If you prefer to groom your dog at home, a dog grooming table can help make the activity much easier and more comfortable for both you and your dog. This type of table is designed to help pet owners and carers groom their pets comfortably and effectively.

Types of dog grooming tables

There are several different types of dog grooming tables for sale to choose from. Which type you choose depends on factors about your dog or dogs and the person or people who will be doing the grooming.

  • Hydraulic - If you have a large or heavy dog, a hydraulic table that lowers and lifts automatically can be a huge aid in grooming your dog yourself without breaking your back. Similarly, an electric dog grooming table can also serve this purpose.
  • Portable - If you and your dog are frequently on the go, a grooming table you can easily collapse and store in the trunk of your vehicle to take with you wherever you go can make it possible for you to keep your dog groomed while out and about. Likewise, depending on the sizes of the table and vehicle, a folding dog grooming table might also do the trick.
  • Adjustable - If you plan to groom multiple dogs with the one table or there are more than one person who may be grooming your dog at any given point in time, an adjustable table can help make the experience simpler, more comfortable and more effective for the dog being groomed and the person doing the grooming.
  • Heavy duty - Use a stronger, sturdier table to support grooming large or particularly furry dogs, dogs prone to getting extremely dirty or getting dirty frequently, or dogs particularly anxious or resistant to grooming,
Key dog grooming table features

Some dogs may be particularly squirmy and resistant to grooming or scared of the table and constantly trying to get down off of it. For these dogs, many dog grooming tables offer features to help keep the dog in place and under control while being groomed. One such feature to look for in a dog grooming table for sale is an arm built in to deter your dog from jumping down off the table. Another is a strap you can wrap around your dog's neck to hold him or her still while you groom him or her.

Additional amenities for dog grooming tables

Other features to look for when buying a new or used dog grooming table include a built-in basket under the table for holding dog grooming products like brushes, nail trimmers, toothbrush, ear cleaning supplies and leave-in conditioners or deodorizers. Many tables will also include non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean rubber matting on the table and non-slip rubber feet for the legs.