Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog Car Seat Covers

Taking your dog to the dog park for running around can be a blast, but the mud, dirt, and fur your pet can leave in the backseat can be a hassle to clean. Dog car seat covers are a great way to keep the rear seat of your vehicle looking new, and a waterproof design allows for easy cleaning and lasting durability. Pet car seat covers come in a variety of styles, including hammock and bench-seat styles, each of which has its advantages.

What styles of pet car seat covers are available?
  • Hammocks: Hammock car seat covers provide complete coverage of your back seat as these products attach to the headrests of both the front and rear seats, creating a literal hammock in the back seat. These seat protectors prevent dirt and hair from getting on the floor of your car, and they also prevent your dog from falling into the foot well or jumping up into the front seat.
  • Bench seat: Bench covers are a common style of seat cover, and these completely cover the back seat, ensuring it stays clean of mud and paw prints. These pet seat covers are typically waterproof and highly durable, and they often come in a width of 55 inches. Some models can be longer if you require a longer cover, and these larger seat covers can be used in trucks. These models can attach to the seat belts to ensure they stay in place.
  • Bucket seat: These seat covers are commonly used in the front seat, but they can be utilized in any single car seats inside your vehicle. These seat covers protect the entire seat, including the back and bottom of it.
  • Shorty bench and bucket: Shorty pet seat covers only cover the bottom of the seat, allowing for a better fit while still providing waterproof protection underneath your pet.
  • Car door guard: These door protectors are good for pets who like to rest their paws on the door. These waterproof covers protect against slobber and paw prints and are easy to set up.
What materials are car seat covers made of?

Dog car seat covers are built to protect your seats and to withstand the effects of your pet.

Many car seat covers are constructed of heavy-duty polyester or oxford fabrics for increased durability and resistance to water and dirt as well as for protection from pet claws.

Quilted designs are commonly seen to provide a sleeker look and a more comfortable ride for your dog. Some quilted pet seat covers utilize polyester micro-suede for a soft feel, and other seat covers incorporate polypropylene cotton for a soft, yet durable construction. Seat covers can also include extra padding under the fabrics for added comfort.

Many covers incorporate non-slip bottoms, which are often made out of PVC, to ensure that the cover does not shift around no matter how energized your dog is. These bottoms keep the seat cover in place to keep your car clean.