Disney Trading Pin Lots

Maximize the Magic With Disney Trading Pins

Pin trading is one of the most unique and interactive activities of any Disney vacation. Whether you are visiting Disney World or Disneyland, arriving at your destination armed with a variety of new and used pins will make your trip more magical. These pins can be traded with cast members or fellow pin traders, making Disney pin trading a great way to meet other people.

What is a pin starter set?

A pin starter set includes a lanyard and a set of pins. These pins are usually grouped together according to a theme. Possible themes include Disney princesses, Toy Story characters, Star Wars, and more. A starter kit is a handy choice to get you started on your pin trading adventure. These sets are also a fun way to get children more engaged in the activity because you can choose a theme that appeals to their interests.

How do you avoid getting doubles?

When buying collectible items in large lots, it is understandable to not want to receive doubles. To verify that your eBay Disney pin order will not include duplicates, it is important that you verify with the seller that all pins are unique.

What else should you purchase to engage in pin trading?

The first place to start when planning the pin trading activities of your Disney vacation is to acquire enough pins in advance so that you arrive ready to be an expert pin trader. Purchasing a lot of Disney pins through eBay before your trip to Disneyland or Disney World will ensure that you have a lot of interesting choices to barter with when engaging with other pin traders and cast members. In addition to your lot of Disney pins, expert traders recommend buying and bringing along the following items:

  • Lanyard: A lanyard worn around your neck will make it easier to access and display your collectible pins.
  • List of collectible pins: Knowing the most sought-after rare pins will arm you with the knowledge needed to make good trades with cast members.
  • Pin trading book: An official trading book is a fun and convenient way to display all your collectibles when you get back home.
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