Disney Magic Band

Stylish and Convenient: The True "Magic" of Disney Magic Bands

Disney has always been on the forefront of the amusement park world, and the company has done wonders in making things as easy as possible for guests. Along with a variety of app downloads to help park guests, Disney has implemented a Magic Band system for easy access to many park features. Learn exactly how the Magic Band works, how the bands apply to all ages, and the dozens of affordable styles available for guests to purchase on eBay.

Disney parks that the Magic Bands work in

The Magic Band system was exclusively created and implemented for Florida's Walt Disney World Resort. This means the Disney Magic Bands for sale do not work in California's Disneyland but may be worn as a decorative piece in the parks. At the Walt Disney World Resorts, the Disney Magic Band 2 may be used pretty much anywhere. In all of the theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Land, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, the Magic Bands may be used for park admission, ride scans, Fast Pass kiosks, and for any purchases within the park. Guests who stay at any of the hotels on Walt Disney World Resort property may use the Magic Bands to access their hotel room doors.

How do Magic Bands fit on small children?

Magic Bands for sale are all sold in a single size with holes to size properly on a wrist. For younger children with small wrists, the watch may be too long, but every magic band has an optional second size built into the band. By peeling away the outer layer of the band, the inner layer features a smaller size to go on smaller wrists without the need for wrapping the band around multiple times or using tape. The same resizing feature applies to all Magic Bands, including limited edition Magic Bands and the Moana I lava you Magic Band. Other designs include Star Wars, Marvel heroes, and Disney Princesses. These are just some of the Disney brands found through eBay Magic Bands.

Are Disney Magic Bands transferable?

Yes. When you book a stay with Walt Disney World Resort, the company will send new Magic Bands for every guest attending the park. The center part of the Magic Band is interchangeable and allows you to keep your personal information and park connections with you as you attach the piece to another Magic Bands 2. This allows park guests to purchase their own bands including the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Haunted Mansion, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and several others.

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