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Dirt Oval Racing Parts

If you enjoy kart racing on a dirt track, then you'll want to keep some spare parts on hand. You'll want to have a well-stocked garage so that you can make improvements to your kart or sprint car. You only need to get a few basic parts if you want to keep your kart in shape.

What special components do late model cars need?

If you do any kind of late model dirt track racing, then you need to have the tires for the job. Most raceway crews want drivers to have knobby tires that won't slip when going into the corners of the track. You'll want to get tires that have tall treads. If you need to replace any components on your vehicle besides the tires, you can probably use standard road racing assemblies.

What kind of sprint cars need custom components?

Dirt track racing events are usually geared toward those who prefer driving modifieds. This is why there's a market involved with making and distributing custom components. Custom race components still mount on standard chassis assemblies, so you shouldn't have any difficulty working with them yourself. You'll be able to find racing gear for these types of sprint cars, among others:

  • Outlaws
  • Midgets
  • Non-winged sprint cars
  • Micro sprint cars
  • Traditional modifieds
What kinds of batteries does an electric kart need?

Indoor track karting arenas require the use of electric karts, so battery sizes are standardized. Karts used on these tracks generally mount lead-acid batteries. These are similar to those used in standard automobiles and golf carts. Karting batteries are usually marked as such. Check the front of the label for a specific size and voltage before you replace your kart's battery.

What pedals are used in the oval racing series?

Race officials have set standards that pedals used on dirt oval courses have to adhere to, but the series judges don't specifically state which kind you're required to use. As long as your controls meet the standards outlined in the dirt oval series rules, you're free to race with whatever standard components you'd like. You'll want controls that are rated for motorsport usage so that they can hold up to the rigors of driving over dirt.

What replacement components should you have on hand?

If you enter any race events regularly, then you'll want to keep a good supply of extra components to keep your kart in top condition. You'll probably want to have at least all the following components ready, among others:

  • Replacement throttles
  • Carburetors
  • Sprockets
  • Treaded tires
  • Bolts