Dining Furniture Sets

Dining Furniture Sets

Having the right dining set makes it easy to enjoy meals with your family and friends. Sets come in a variety of forms, ranging from intimate seating for small apartments to long tables for hosting large dinner parties. With all the different options available, you can find the right size, shape, and style for your dining room.

What is included in dining room furniture sets?

Sets can vary depending on the number of people you want to seat, but most dining room furniture comes with at least a few of these options:

  • Dining Table: A table is an essential part of any dining set. Some are expandable while others are a single piece.
  • Chairs: Having extra chairs for your set helps you to easily add more people. Having a minimum of 2 chairs for regular use and up to 6 extra chairs offers the most flexibility.
  • Alternative Seating: Not all dining room sets have chairs. Some may use benches or stools as their seating. A common option is a table with 4 chairs and a long bench.
  • Table Inserts: If your table is expandable to seat more people, it will have a leaf that you insert to provide more table space.

How do you pick the furniture for a dining set?

There are a lot of useful and stylish pieces to pick from, but dining set shopping is easy when you follow these steps:

  • Choose your size: Size typically depends on the number of people in your family plus any expected guests. You may want to choose a slightly larger option if you frequently host dinner parties. Make sure the table and other pieces fit comfortably in the kitchen or in the dining room.
  • Select a shape: Dining tables are round, rectangular, or square. Round tables are more casual while rectangles are more traditional.
  • Pick a style: Find a design that matches your unique decor preferences. Common dining table and dining chair styles include country, traditional, contemporary, and industrial.
  • Decide on your finish: You may want to consider selecting an option with a waterproof or a heatproof finish.

What materials are dining sets made from?

When selecting dining tables and chairs, you can choose from these materials:

  • Solid Wood: Sturdy hardwood is ideal for tables and chairs because it is durable and less likely to tip over. You can find rustic farmhouse styles or elegant cherry or mahogany versions.
  • Metal: Metal is frequently used alongside wood and glass to create durable and scratch-resistant dining sets.
  • Glass: Most pieces are not made entirely of this material, but it is useful for table tops because it is waterproof.
  • Engineered Wood Products: For more affordable and lightweight furniture that still has the warmth and elegance of wood, you can select pieces made from MDF or other types of fiberboard.
  • Upholstery: Upholstery is frequently used on chair bottoms or backs to make them more comfortable.