Diecast and Toy Tractors

Many different companies offer a variety of diecast and toy tractors. These collectibles model real equipment that farmers use every day. Some are precisely detailed models made to scale, while others are toys that are meant for everyday play.

What types of diecast and toy tractors are available?

Owing to the wide variety of different farming equipment used by farmers, there are a wide variety of diecast and play equipment available. These are available for a wide range of ages to suit everyone from small children to grown-up kids at heart.

  • Older equipment: These replicate actual tractors of years past. They reflect an assortment of manufacturers, equipment, and years.
  • Contemporary equipment: Many manufacturers create new model products to scale to reflect tractors as they change from year to year. In addition, miniature scale accessories such as balers, combines, and other farm equipment are also available.
  • Vintage collectibles: These are older toys that are typically less detailed but reflect the types of tractors that would have been current at the time.
  • Interactive playthings: Some tractor toys allow children to go hands-on with what makes an engine operate, utilizing a pretend engine with parts that can be manipulated.
  • Rolling playthings: These are often made of plastic or metal and designed to be easier to play with than the more detailed diecast.
What types of tractor models are appropriate for children?

Typically, the more highly detailed diecast or antique toys are meant to be collectibles for display and decoration. However, many interactive and rolling playthings are suitable for children. Be sure to read descriptions carefully for age information. In some instances, the toys are appropriate for children as young as 6 months, helping them to develop their fine motor skills.

How do you maintain diecast and toy tractors?

Regular cleaning of children’s toys can help to maintain the bright colors that they were originally painted in. In addition, proper cleaning helps prevent the spread of germs. From time to time, it's also a good idea to check for any loose, broken, or missing parts.

If you plan to utilize your scale miniatures as collectibles for display, extra care can be taken to maintain them.

  • Dust: Regularly dust your collectibles to avoid dulling their appearance and to help prevent any contaminants from damaging the finishes.
  • Shade: Keep your collectibles out of direct sunlight to prevent UV rays from fading or drying out the materials they're made from.
  • Protect: Since tractor miniatures have wheels, it's important to store or display them in such a way that they won't roll off the shelf or other surface where you have them. Additionally, make sure that delicate models are out of reach of children and pets.