Diecast Racing Cars

Diecast Racing Cars

A diecast car is designed to scale, and the specific size will depend on a collector’s preferences. These model cars offer different selections besides size like your favorite team, year of manufacture, and racing series like NASCAR and NHRA.

What are some features of a diecast car?

Diecast replicas are durable. The process of diecasting makes use of metal alloys. It involves modeling an item using molten zinc or lead alloy. These cars are designed to scale, and the specific size varies, often depending on a collector’s requirements. A diecast drag racing car typically has significant exterior details.

What is a Raced Win diecast?

A Raced Win diecast refers to the stock car that wins the race. Racing Champions and other diecast makers use photographers during competitions to get images of the NASCAR winners so that the manufacturers can replicate the winnign vehicles. Not all NASCAR races will produce a Raced Win diecast, however.

What are the model scale options?

Before getting your funny car, Pontiac, or Plymouth from Racing Champions, know about the scaling and the most common choices available for NASCAR diecast enthusiasts.

  • 1:12 – This scale is a large and highly detailed funny car model with measurements ranging between 36 and 38 centimeters. The car replica size is suitable for adult collectors.
  • 1:18 – This option offers good detailing on the NASCAR replica and can measure 18 to 20 centimeters long. Most toy makers advertise this model as suitable for anyone aged 14 and above.
  • 1:24 – Most international toy makers, like Maisto and Jada, have made this their standard size. It comes with ages 8 and up limit.
  • 1:64 – Many race cars are modeled in this size. Greenlight and NASCAR are some names that have gone into the replica scale.
Can you find old model cars for your collection?

A novice drag racing collector may want to own older Racing Champions replicas. It is possible to find a NASCAR model or funny car produced years ago, especially when buying from a collector. If a car racing category requires licensing, ensure that you check that when buying an older version diecast car.

Can you get spare parts for your diecast car?

When your diecast car gets damaged or lost, you cannot get another piece to replace it. Diecast replicas are made up of small pieces that are assembled by hand, and then decorated. For this reason, makers do not sell individual parts for your NHRA or NASCAR.