Diecast Construction Equipment

Diecast construction equipment provides you with small vehicles that are designed to match many different types of construction equipment. There are numerous types of vehicles, from cement mixers and cranes to excavators and loaders. These vehicles are available from a variety of brands, including Conrad, First Gear, and Tonka.

What are the different types of vehicles available?

There are a range of vehicles available for you to consider, all of which are tied into construction. The most common of these vehicles are standard construction trucks, such as excavators, road graders, cement mixers, bulldozers, and loaders. Additional types that are available include combines, cranes, dump trucks, lift trucks, trailers, and tractors. These models can be put on display or used in the creation of different construction situations.

Which colors are available with these vehicles?

These construction truckss are offered in many unique colors, including orange, red, and yellow. Some of the additional colors you can select from include white, black, gray, green, and gold. Certain vehicles are designated as multi-color with combinations like black and yellow or blue and yellow.

What does the scale of these trucks refer to?

When you are in the midst of selecting one of these models, you will notice that they are listed with a certain number to the side, such as 1:20. This indicates the size of the model relative to the size of their real-world counterparts. In most cases, this size is listed in centimeters although it can be displayed in inches. The first number refers to the number of centimeters related to the smaller vehicles while the second number indicates the size of the actual vehicle. In the example shown above, the size of the construction model is set to 1 centimeter for every 20 centimeters of the actual vehicle, providing you with the information you need to determine the size of the model that you are about to choose.

What are some features of diecast construction models?

When you are selecting diecast models, you will notice that they can come with unique features depending on the type of construction equipment that you have chosen. Some of the diecast model cranes can lower and rise to imitate their actual functions when being used on a construction site. All models consist of diecast construction, which is a method used to create these models by pouring molten metal into a mold. Given that these trucks are comprised mostly of metal, they are also sturdy and durable. These models, from excavators to diecast dozers, are designed to be very detailed, from the types of tires they are outfitted with to the controls inside the vehicle.