Developmental Baby Toys

In addition to keeping your baby safe, healthy, and happy, you want to make sure your baby has toys that aid in his or her development. There are a wide variety of developmental baby products to help your baby develop both learning and motor functions. Baby playthings should be both fun and educational, and they should last your baby through several stages of development.

How does one choose developmental toys for babies?

While many parents think that their babies need a multitude of items to keep them entertained and learning, several well-selected products may be all your baby needs. Many toys can do double duty by helping to develop more than one ability, like gross motor skills and learning. Many also grow with your baby as he or she progresses through different developmental stages. Many brands provide toys to help your little one grow smart and strong. Read on for some things to consider when choosing baby and toddler products.

  • Age: Your baby's age will play a large role in determining which learning toys are developmentally appropriate. Newborns will enjoy toys that allow them to track lights and movements with their eyes. By six months, babies love toys that encourage them to reach and explore different textures. Older infants like toys that encourage crawling and pulling up. Toddlers like toys that show cause and effect. Babies of all ages enjoy toys that are interactive and educational.
  • Skills: Think about what abilities your baby is developing, and choose playthings that help with those abilities. For example, very young babies enjoy looking and following exciting things with their eyes, so a good choice might be a mobile with rattles that strap to their hands and feet. These types of toys will aid in their tracking development and make fun sounds. Infants between four and six months are beginning to reach for and explore items. An activity gym with bright, colorful dangling objects and shapes will promote reaching and grabbing.
  • Fine motor skills: You will want to make sure your toddler has access to toys that promote fine motor development. This puzzle toy has buttons to press, beads to move, and blocks to build. It is perfect for little fingers.
  • Gross motor skills: There are plenty of toys to promote gross motor skills like crawling and walking, including walkers for toddlers that allow them to work on walking. The walkers also teach concepts like the ABCs, shapes, and numbers.
  • Educational toys: Parents will also want educational toys that teach cognitive concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, and more to their toddlers.