What You Should Know About Desktop Computers With an Intel Core i7 Processor

The Intel Core i7 is one of the major brands of CPUs designed and produced by Intel. It is intended more for the high-end portion of the computer market. Besides the processor, these computers are equipped with a variety of different features.

How do you choose the right processor?

The Intel Core i7 encompasses nine different generations of processors. The first one was released in 2008. Since then, each new generation has delivered better performance and more features. Besides the generation, you should also pay attention to the following specs:

  • Cores: Each core represents a distinct processing unit within the CPU and helps to process more workload at the same time. The most common setups are dual-core and quad-core processors. Starting with the 6th generation, Intel also began developing six-core and eight-core processors as well.
  • Threads: Threads are a technique for further dividing up the workload of the CPU. Starting with the sixth generation, there are generally two threads per core. Each thread can schedule and process different tasks more efficiently.
  • Frequency: The frequency is a general measurement of the speed of each core. The most common frequencies are between 3 GHz and 4 GHz, although the processor may be faster or slower depending on the intended power output of the CPU.
What should you look for in a computer?

When searching for new or used Intel Core i7 desktop computers on eBay, you should look out for the amount of memory, the amount of storage space, extra features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the operating system, and the condition it is in. Here are some additional factors you should consider:

  • Dedicated vs. integrated GPU: An integrated GPU typically shares memory with the rest of the computer system. It may or may not be actually integrated into the motherboard. A dedicated card, on the other hand, is equipped with its own dedicated memory. This helps the GPU process visually demanding applications such as video games, video editing software, 3D software, etc. Some computers may have both a dedicated and integrated GPU and automatically switch between them as the need arises.
  • Hard drive vs. solid-state drive: A hard drive generally has more storage space, while a solid-state drive is generally faster and more responsive. Some computers may be equipped with both drives at the same time.
How do you choose the right desktop brand?

That depends on what kind of computer you want. Most computers are aimed at the basic consumer market. Some computer brands such as the HP Omen and Alienware Aurora are aimed at the gaming market and tend to have high-end features. Other computers brands such as the Dell Optiplex are aimed at the business and corporate market and come with a suite of features for security, deployment, remote management, and virtualization.