Customize Your Own Desktop Computer With No OS

Most desktop computers use an operating system to configure how the machine runs and to tell it what to do. However, you may wish to purchase a desktop computer with no OS for special projects or customization options. You can browse through a host of listings for laptops or desktops without operating systems on eBay to find the one with features that suit your needs.

What storage types can you choose?

A desktop computer with no OS still includes much of the other hardware and software you might expect to find on such machines. Both variations are made for storing data in multiple formats, and your choice depends on your preferences. Most computers use one of two main types of storage to save your data:

  • HDD: A hard disk drive uses mechanical parts to write your data to the disk platter.
  • SSD: This drive writes data to your disk without moving parts. Note that you might be able to get a desktop that uses both kinds of storage drives.
Do these computers come with processors?

Your computer's brain is its central processing unit. Even desktop computers with no OS still need a processor to analyze any code you write. Once you install the operating system of your choice, the CPU interfaces with it to help the desktop run effectively. Processors often have multiple cores. Each core is capable of handling several high-level tasks, and more cores mean you can run more programs at the same time. You can use eBay's search categories to find desktop computers with no OS that have the brand or model of processor you prefer. The options here include CPUs from AMD and Intel.

What are some benefits of buying this kind of computer?

Buying a desktop computer with no OS can have a few potential benefits. The precise advantages you see depends on your situation and the tasks you want to complete with your computer. Some potential benefits you may experience with these machines are:

  • Installing an OS: You may prefer an operating system that does not come standard with most computers. Buying a computer without one gives you the opportunity to install the one you want without removing a different one.
  • Writing code: The operating system takes care of a lot of the programming code that tells the computer what to do when you press the buttons. A desktop computer with no OS may help you practice writing your code from scratch.