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Supply Your Office With Dental Equipment 

Having the right dental equipment helps you take great care of patients who need tooth cleanings, cavity fillings, and more. Whether you are looking to furnish a brand-new dental office or just add a few extra dental supplies to your business, you can search on eBay to find what you need. 

What kind of supplies can eBay provide for dental offices? 

eBay offers dental equipment for every section of the office, from lab to front waiting room. You'll find:  

  • Dental chairs and fixtures
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Surgical and cleaning instruments
  • Imaging machines, protective gear for imaging, and disposable accessories
  • Protective gowns, masks, gloves, and eyewear
  • Items that make excellent patient gifts and advertising giveaways
  • Office equipment and software
  • Autoclaves/sterilizers

What types of dental supplies are sold in bulk? 

eBay not only offers dental lab fixtures, large office furniture, and equipment such as dental lights, exam chairs, and X-ray machines. You will also find dental items that are disposable, single-use items. You can usually locate these in bulk since offices go through so many each day. Disposable pillow headrest covers, tray covers, cups, syringes, brush heads, and patient garments are frequently sold in bulk. In addition, you will find bulk sales of equipment like drill bits, fluoride trays, surgical trays, and other items that every dentist office requires in large numbers. Even toys for well-behaved patients can be purchased in bulk. 

What to look for in used dental equipment 

Sometimes used dental equipment is a good option for an office. There are a few things you should consider when shopping for used items.  

  • Price: Used dental equipment is normally more affordable, so make sure you take the time to find dental supplies that meet your budgetary needs.
  • Condition: Check to make sure the condition of any pre-owned dental supplies is compatible with both your requirements and all health codes for your area. Some used items are just sold for parts, so they may not run anymore.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the products work with the rest of your office. If you plan to use things like dental imaging and monitoring equipment with newer computers, it is especially important to check the compatibility requirements on the product.
  • Appearance: For dental exam chairs and other items seen by patients, consider how the appearance will fit with your office. Decide whether cosmetic flaws like tears or stains will affect the use of the furniture or device.