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Women's Denim Coats & Jackets

As colder weather descends upon us, it’s time for a new jacket and something heavier. This is a great look made even better in denim. A new denim jacket is a great way to get over the bleakness of winter, allowing you to stay warm and look cute doing it. How can you stay warm?

Getting a jacket or coat that is slightly bigger than your size opens a lot of doors. Layering becomes more nuanced and there is much more denim fabric to wrap around you and hold off the cold. Avoid the dreaded head to toe denim by not wearing your jacket with jeans. While all denim is made of cotton, there are many ways to keep the wind out. Not sure about cotton as a good insulator? Layer lots of wool underneath your jacket or coat.

How do you know which denim jacket to choose?

Not sure about the size of denim jacket or coat that's right for you? Try one a size too big and try black. It's slimming and fits a ton of outfits. Not sure what to wear under it? Go with a slim dress in black or pants and a sweater, also in black. Denim with denim may not be the fashion statement you want to make. Jeans paired with a denim jacket may not be the way to go. Still not ready to give up your jeans? Try them with a different coat or jacket.

A denim jacket in a big size will see you through many seasons. There are so many colors to choose from. Whether it is a light color or dark, you'll be swaddled in denim. This is the jacket of your dreams. Cotton may seem too humdrum, but in a bigger size, your denim jacket definitely isn't. Pair it with wool for a supremely cozy look or a cotton sundress to hearken back to sunlit days. In this way a denim jacket will last you forever.

How can you make your denim jacket dressier?

A coat or jacket made of denim is very casual, but to make your denim jacket look dressier, try it in black and a fashionable cut. Many designers are experimenting with their denim jackets, keeping them from being a workhorse to where you love your jacket as the art piece it is.

Add a denim jacket to your wardrobe and you'll be surprised how often you reach for it. Even if a day doesn't seem like jacket weather, your denim jacket will be in heavy rotation. As far as coats or a jacket may go, wool is still the trump card, but a denim jacket is one of those things every person needs. A good denim jacket is a way to inject your whole style with verve.