Frequently Asked Questions About the Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop Computer

Complex businesses and organizations need a reliable, powerful, and secure work environment to drive growth and productivity. The Dell Optiplex 980 provides enterprise-class performance and a flexible feature set, and it also allows the IT department to manage the entire workforce from almost anywhere. Read on to find out more about the many options on eBay.

When is it a good idea to buy an Optiplex?

From time to time, businesses may need to upgrade their hardware or replace broken or damaged equipment. If it begins to take longer to perform routine tasks, then you may need to change hardware. The affordable Optiplex 980 is aimed at business efficiency. It is equipped with the full power of an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, DDR3 memory, and the option of two discrete graphics cards at once. For complex tasks, a single Optiplex can split the workload between up to four different monitors. The Dell Optiplex 980 is also designed specifically with energy savings in mind. It conforms to the Energy Star 5.0 standards. Some Optiplex computers come with an optional energy-efficient power supply, which can reduce energy consumption by around 90%. The computer has the ability to load up Microsoft Outlook before the entire system even boots, thus reducing wasteful downtime that could be spent productively. It also has multiple expansion slots for future upgradability.

How does the Optiplex 980 handle IT management?

The Optiplex 980 gives IT professionals multiple management options. When an on-site action is required, the troubleshooting LEDs allow you to quickly diagnose problems at a glance, while the tool-less chassis provides direct access to the hardware. When you don't need to manage the client locally, then the remote control capabilities allow you to take control of the computer from another part of the organization. Finally, you can automate updates and tasks when the manual work is too time-consuming.

What are some security features of the Optiplex 980?

The Optiplex 980 is designed to enhance the organization's security. It comes with the following features.

  • Trusted Platform Module 1.2: TPM is a dedicated microcontroller within the computer that stores encrypted keys. This encryption system protects storage devices, ensures platform integrity, and provides password authentication.
  • RAID: RAID protects your hard drive against read errors and defective sectors.
  • Online backups: An optional feature that automatically backups data and provides recovery solutions. It is provided directly by Dell.
  • Theft protection: The Optiplex features both a physical security lock slot and a chassis intrusion switch. The intrusion switch means that IT will receive a notification when the chassis has been physically compromised.
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