Common Questions About the Dell Inspiron N7010's Battery

When your laptop's battery no longer holds a charge and you find you're more and more dependent on the power cable and finding an electrical outlet, you'll find a wide selection of replacement batteries available for Dell's Inspiron N7010 on eBay. Get your system back up and running and work wherever you like with genuine Dell and generic replacement batteries to reliably keep you working longer.

When is it time to replace a laptop's battery?

After a couple of years, it's not uncommon for laptop batties to lose their ability to hold a maximum capacity. If you can charge your Dell Inspiron N7010's battery but the charge doesn't last long or it holds 25% or less of its maximum capacity, it might be time to find a quality replacement battery.

Test your laptop's current battery by connecting it to an external power source with your power cable and allowing it to charge overnight. The next day, power up your laptop and allow Windows to fully load. Once it has, go to the battery icon within your system tray. If it shows low or no charge, then it's time to replace your Dell Inspiron N7010's battery.

How do you replace a laptop's battery?Replacing the Dell Inspiron n7010's battery isn't overly difficult if you know what to do. Follow the steps listed below to successfully replace the battery:
  1. Disconnect your laptop from the power cable, and power it down.
  2. Locate your laptop's battery, release it from its security measures, and remove it from the machine.
  3. Carefully remove the old battery, and dispose of it properly.
  4. Remove your new Dell Inspiron N7010 battery from its packaging, and without touching the contacts, situate it in the machine exactly as the old battery was.
  5. Secure the new battery in its proper place. Reconnect the power cable to your laptop to fully charge your new laptop battery.
How long should you charge a new laptop battery?

Once your new laptop battery is in place, it's recommended to charge it for no less than 24 hours. This full-day length of time ensures that the battery is completely charged and helps increase the unit's life expectancy. Once you've fully charged your new or replacement battery, don't allow it to fully discharge whenever possible.

To properly maintain your new or replacement laptop battery, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for charging, storage, and care.

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