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What to Know When Considering Dell Inspiron Laptop Batteries

Your laptop can be your gateway to the online world when you're out and about. Selecting the proper battery for your Dell Inspiron laptop is a critical part of using your computer the way it's meant to be used and making sure that your laptop works when you need it.

How do you select the right battery?

Several factors come into play when selecting a replacement battery for your Dell Inspiron laptop:

  • Check model numbers: Both your Inspiron and its computer's battery have model numbers. These numbers help you find the specific parts and information that you may need. To locate the model number on your computer, you can go to Settings and then Device Information. To locate the battery model number, remove your current laptop battery and find the product information sticker.
  • Know the voltage: Batteries for Dell laptops can come with different voltage specifications. A higher voltage laptop battery holds a charge longer while a lower volt laptop battery will charge faster. The voltage of battery you choose depends on your needs. Battery voltage is usually listed under the device product information. Stay within the parameters of the voltage recommendations provided by your computer's manufacturer.
  • Read the product information: In many cases, the product information tells you what computers a product like a battery is compatible with.
How can you make the most of your battery?

There are a few things that you can do to make your battery for your Dell Inspiron laptop work more efficiently and last longer:

  • Charge correctly: Avoid undercharging or overcharging your laptop battery. Undercharging results when you frequently allow your device to go dead. Overcharging happens when you've fully charged your battery but fail to unplug your device. Doing either of these things too often can cause problems for your computer's battery life.
  • Avoid damage: There are a few things that can damage your laptop's battery. Avoid extreme temperatures, water damage, and impacts. Store your device in a cool, dry place when it isn't in use.
  • Use power-save settings: In your computer's settings, there are power-save modes that can be extremely effective. They serve functions like automatically turning down your screen's brightness and stopping battery-draining background-data usage.
  • Keep it clean: Dirt and dust can sometimes build up on the bottom of your computer. This can cause you to have a bad connection and may damage your battery over time. To avoid this, remove and clean your battery from time to time.
What is the difference between OEM and device-compatible batteries?

OEM and device-compatible components can both be great options for your Dell Inspiron computer:

  • OEM: OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Replacement components of this kind are designed using the exact specifications laid out by the designer of a specific product. They tend to fit precisely and operate well.
  • Device-compatible: Compatible components are designed to work with a variety of models. These can be a great option if you have a computer brand that comes in various models and styles.
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