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Delkim Fishing Bite Alarms

Whether you are looking for TXI Plus or replacement bobbins, you can find a range of Delkim fishing bite alarms to suit your bespoke requirements.

There are many benefits to using Delkim fishing bite alarms as they come with the patented Delkim vibration sensing which generates vibrations from the line without the line moving. This means that the user has total control over sensitivity adjustments which provides an optimum bite indication and covers all conditions, lines, fishing styles and methods. The patented vibration technology allows bite indication to be achieved in all weathers, even when frozen solid. It provides an early indication of a potential bite which is particularly helpful when fishing next to snags.

There is no danger of over-sensitivity with Delkim fishing bite alarms, as it provides the user with the capability to boost the sensitivity to show the presence of fish in the water via small pulls and tweaks. Delkim claim that there is no optimum sensitivity level and as long as the user has the correct adjustment, it will guarantee no false indicators.

Whether you are looking for a brand new piece of kit or spares for an existing piece of equipment, you can find a range of Delkim fishing bite alarms for every level. Choose from the EV Plus electronic bite alarm or the 25 plus special edition Delkim fishing bite alarms which is a special edition which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first Delkim fishing bite alarms with vibration sensing. This is extra special as it comes with a silver protective hard case and silver dial stickers too.

The Standard Plus Delkim fishing bite alarm possesses all of the features and the spec of the flagship Tx-iPlus but comes without the integral radio transmitter and is an ideal choice for anglers all over the world owing to its controllability and versatility.

Delkim fishing bite alarms are available in a variety of product types and can be found in both brand new and used condition.

About Delkim

Delkim are the leading manufacturers of bite indication technology and have been the market leader for over 35 years. Delkim was founded in 1976, but launched the infamous 'Optonic' bite alarm in the mid-eighties which included ground breaking technology such as magnetic rotation sensing and low current drains. These days, Delkim are known for their vibration bite technology which uses unique vibration sensing which can indicate the speed of line movement which is essential when fishing.