Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology designs sound tools that can enhance movies and music. Each product is made from professional-grade materials, and this dense housing holds the speakers that distribute sound waves throughout an environment. In addition, many convenient ports are mounted on the housing, so the process of setting up the equipment isn't challenging.

What are the housing design options?

Most Definitive Technology products are built with a frame that's black or white. On the sleek housing, there are practical spots for wired and wireless electronics equipment. The wired ports are designed for audio and video wiring. By using these ports, you can configure the sound system with a traditional DVD player or stereo. Bluetooth is the main technology that gives wireless products the ability to distribute bass and treble notes without using cords, and you can use the Bluetooth features with a proper product that can detect a wireless signal.

What are the equipment options and housing elements?

Many products by Definitive Technology have one speaker or multiple speakers. Products that produce sounds by blasting waves throughout one speaker emit crisp effects by relying on professional stereo hardware. Units with many speakers also provide bold noise; however, the waves reach different destinations in a space more efficiently because multiple units help the frequencies bounce off walls. The most common Definitive Technology sound system speaker options are 2.0 and 5.1 hardware configurations:

  • Equipment that has one speaker can fit on a bookshelf because the housing is sleek and compact. The narrow crevices on a shelf won't impact general frequencies because bookshelf sound systems are designed strategically so that the speaker hardware generates notes effectively into a space.
  • A center channel system is another option that can generate bold effects. This unit can enhance blasts and dramatic movie scenes by increasing the intensity of the noise frequencies.
  • Heavy-duty housing components and protective coatings are found on patio equipment products. These units can handle many outdoor weather elements.
  • Soundbars enhance the sound of many media, especially movies. These pieces are thin, so they don't take up a lot of space.
  • When you need bolder, louder effects, you could dramatically boost general frequencies by using equipment with a subwoofer. A subwoofer has various components that can boost bass and treble.
  • Surround sound systems can make movie effects louder and bolder. Because these units are designed with wireless hardware, the process of scattering different pieces throughout a space isn't a hassle.
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