How to Select an Outdoor Thermometer That Works for You

Outdoor thermometers are a technology that you will use every day. With a glance, you can see the temperature and often the humidity outside. Having a thermometer outdoors lets you prepare for your day and dress warmly (or coolly).

What types of outdoor thermometers are for sale on eBay?
  • Basic thermometers simply show the temperature. They include the standard vertical bar, but also some dial and digital readouts. Basic outside thermometers are the least expensive and easiest to use and install.
  • Decorative outdoor thermometers include a basic thermometer placed inside a decorative image or sculpture. Pictures of birds and wildlife are widespread. Fancier designs are made of bronze, brass, wood, glass, and other materials. Many are made to look like old-fashioned technology or to serve as a yard decoration as well.
  • Mini weather-station thermometers contain multiple functions. Most of these outdoor thermometers show the temperature and humidity (a hygrometer) indoors and out. Some have sensors that are placed outside while the display unit stays indoors. Clocks, calendars, records of past temperatures, and ties to a wireless weather forecast service are all available.
Think about how you are going to display your eBay thermometer

Some outdoor thermometers for sale are simply held on the outside of the window by suction cups. Others require hand-mounting with screws and a bracket to a post or such. Indoor models showing outdoor temperature have an outdoor sensor which may be a wire going out a window or a wireless data collector that needs to be within a certain range. Decorative outdoor thermometers should be where you can see and read them. You may want to consider a large outdoor thermometer if you want to display them far from the house.

What special features might you look for in an outdoor thermometer for sale?

Max-min thermometers keep track of the highs and the lows over days, weeks, or other periods of time. This feature helps you see the longer-term trends in the weather. Weather icons are handy for letting you see at a glance if the weather is likely to be rainy or just overcast. A model with an alarm clock included can wake you up and let you know how to dress in one step. Outdoor thermometers with multiple sensors can be very handy. Stick one in your car to see if it needs aired out or freezes and you need to scrape your windows. Place one in a sunny spot and one in a shady spot to capture the range of outdoor temperatures.