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Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

During the beginning of the 20th Century, at the dawn of motorcycle races, head injuries were far too common. In an attempt to construct better safety standards for motorcyclists, the crash helmet was born. Since its humble beginnings, bike helmet construction has evolved to offer enhanced protection to your head without sacrificing appearance and comfort.

Where are Daytona Helmets manufactured?

As its name suggests, Daytona Helmets is headquartered and manufactured in Daytona Beach, Florida. Within their on-site facility, a variety of products, such as the Daytona Skull Cap and Daytona Cruiser, are made according to strict industry standards.

What materials are Daytona Helmets made of?
  • Carbon Fiber - Manufactured with 3K fabric, meaning it contains 3000 strands of carbon fiber, and a 5-harness satin weave originally designed for aerospace uses, Daytona motorcycle helmets have over 50% greater density.
  • Chrome - Daytona uses the same chrome found on motorcycles, which makes this product durable and somewhat scratch-resistant with a lightweight design.
  • Novelty Materials - These products are made with a combination of carbon and laminated fiber as well as a 100% epoxy resin to deliver their signature Daytona motorcycle helmet appearance.
Are Daytona Helmets approved by the Department of Transportation?

Eight designs meet stringent manufacturing and technological requirements established by the Department of Transportation. Products approved by the Department of Transportation are available in adult and children sizes.

What motorcycle helmet designs are available?

Daytona offers an extensive motorcycle accessory product line of classic styles and modern reincarnations for men, women, and children.

  • 1/2 Shell - Small, streamlined, and stylish, this motorcycle helmet design is thin and approved by the Department of Transportation. While similar in appearance, the Polo Style product has a contoured shape like equestrian headgear.
  • Full Face - Ideal for motorcycle rides along the open road, this motorcycle protective gear safeguards your entire face from serious injury. The modular model series features raised angular construction while completely covering your head.
  • Children's Headgear - Motorcycle protective gear for children requires extra comfort and safety. Available in 1/2 and 3/4 shell designs, they're lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing performance.
What safety features does this Daytona Beach product line offer?

Specific safety features vary based on the helmet; however, there are several universal safety features.

  • Nylon Retention Strap System - Maintains a firm position without chafing your face.
  • Quick Release Locking Mechanism - Unsnap and remove the cap in a moment’s notice.
  • Custom Interior Shape - The customized interior shape elevates sturdiness and protection by cushioning your head in a snug, supportive shape.
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric - Keeps the helmet still even when summertime heat kicks your sweat production into overdrive.
  • Anti-Scratch Shield - To protect your face from high winds and roadway debris, full face products keep your vision clear thanks to the anti-scratch material and anti-fog forehead ventilation system.
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